Saturday, April 22, 2017

Wedding Photography: Mark & Paul

Mark and Paul met at a dance party in Palm Springs on New Year's Eve Y2K. Not nothing if the world would end that evening, the two danced the night away, and into a seventeen-year relationship. With gay marriage finally deemed legal, the two set out to plan their dream wedding: an intimate backyard soiree, with gorgeous glam details. The wedding took place at the home of their family friend in North Hills, California.  Blue Door Creative used black, white, and gold to create the sophisticated look. Mixed with bright and masculine florals, the look was backyard glam all the way.  The ceremony included personal vows, and touched on what a meaningful day it was that they could legally be married and celebrate their love. There wasn't a dry eye in the house. The reception featured a delicious pasta buffet, a bevy of hilarious toasts, a GIF photo booth, and some rockin' dancing. Paul, a former professional dancer, and Mark choreographed their first dance to the amusement and enjoyment of their guest. Everyone danced the night away as they ate mini pie shooters for dessert.

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